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Forthcoming in 2025: the novel Ten Year Affair, based on the short story of the same name

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Novel: Stay Up With Hugo Best

stay up with hugo best

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"Taut and incisive... tender... Somers is clear—exquisitely, wrenchingly—when
articulating Bloom's lifelongfixation on Best."
New York Times Book Review

"Somers has written her protagonist with a sharp eye for the type of ennui
endemic to a swath of the millennial generation...Somers' deft handling of the
juxtaposition between self-defeating pessimism and the heartfelt need
for human connection would be impressive for any established author; for
a debut, it's a tantalizing promise of incisive works to come."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"A zippy debut…June's quick wit keeps the banter flowing over a bizarre
Memorial Day weekend…the millennial and the magnetic celebrity are
surprisingly well suited, two sardonic souls who find themselves
connecting…magnificent…a devilishly fun ride."

"On the surface, Somers' debut is light and breezy, but the narrative is deft,
controlled, and deadly smart.She mines depths out of Hollywood's propensity
to look the other way when beloved men behave badly without a hint of preachiness.
Instead, she's interested in complicity... What could be a straightforward novel about
a young woman and an older man taking mutual advantage of one another is instead a
brilliant study in how rarely we seize opportunities to grow and change for the better — especially
if we're lucky enough to get more than one. An outstanding comedic debut about the deeply
unfunny trials of growing up in and out of the spotlight. Somers is a writer to watch."
Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

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